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The Belleville Community Counts on Us for Residential Carpet Cleaning

Ever tried moving your furniture to hide stains or using store-bought sprays to camouflage odours? Quick fixes can work when you’re in a tight spot, but the best long-term solution for getting rid of and preventing pesky stains and smells is calling the professionals. Bayshore Carpet & Upholstery carries out residential carpet cleaning in the Belleville area to help your home stay clean.

Healthier Living Spaces

Living with kids and pets—and sometimes adults too—often involves spills and dirt getting on your carpets and area rugs. But did you know that dust and wet spots, which can lead to mould, can affect your family’s health? Bayshore Carpet & Upholstery can clean your air ducts and steam and deodorize your carpets and rugs to give you a healthy living environment. We can even prevent stains by applying a stain guard, so your little ones can play without you having to worry as much about messes.

Impress Your Guests

Love entertaining family and friends? Bayshore Carpet & Upholstery can save you the hassle of worrying about dust and stains by making sure that your carpets, area rugs, and furniture pieces are spotless and odour-free before your guests arrive. The best part of professional cleaning is that you get to enjoy the results even after the party’s over!

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